Peer Review Groups

Peer Review Groups

The College is pleased to see peer review groups operating on a formal basis.  It is strongly recommended by the College that all participants in the College’s Professional Competence Scheme (PCS) are members of a registered Peer Review Group, to meet their CPD requirements.  CPD credits for peer review group activity are claimed under the Internal CPD category – one hour of peer review group activity equals one CPD credit.

For further information, please see the College’s Guidelines for the Operation of Peer Review Groups – the guidelines also contain the following appendices for your convenience:

  • Appendix 1: Peer Review Group Registration Form

The Peer Review Group Co-ordinator should complete and submit the group registration form so that the Group is registered with the College.  You can also resubmit this form if the membership of your peer review group changes so that the college records can be updated.

  • Appendix 2: Peer Review Group Internal CPD Credits Summary (Template)

The Peer Review Group Co-ordinator should document the date of the meeting, the general detail of the topic discussed and record the names of the members present.  At the end of each PCS year, the Group Co-ordinator should give each group member a summary of the number of meetings attended and the number of CPD hours/credits awarded.  This does not need to be submitted to the college.

Please contact the College’s PCS department for any queries or advice about your Peer Review Group.  Email / or call the PCS office on (01) 634 4375 / 634 4378.