Walk and Talk with Psychiatrists as part of Green Ribbon month

May 21, 2017 1:00 pm
St Stephen's Green, Dublin 2, Saint Stephen's Green, Ireland   View map

The College of Psychiatrists of Ireland will hold our third annual Walk and Talk with Psychiatrists in St Stephen’s Green on Sunday the 21st May at 1pm sharp (suggested arrival time 12.45) as part of Green Ribbon month. The walk is in partnership with See Change, the National Stigma Reduction Partnership, and is an important step in challenging the stigma associated with mental illness and psychiatry. The walk is about getting outdoors to promote wellness and activity. It is also a chance for those who use the services, their carers and family members, and mental health professionals to mix in an informal, welcoming, supportive and social atmosphere to discuss psychiatry in an outdoor setting.



  • To encourage activity and wellness
  • To generate discussion on mental health and psychiatry
  • To challenge the fear and stigma surrounding psychiatry
  • To give people an opportunity to understand and ask questions

Please RSVP to mhayes@irishpsychiatry.ie to ensure complimentary refreshments afterwards.