Curriculum & Regulations

Curriculum & Regulations Documentation – July 2020 update

There are two versions of the Curriculum.

Both versions of the Curriculum are required because there is a separate section of the Curriculum for each of the three stages of training (Foundation Year; BST1-3; HST) and Trainees who are already in a particular stage of training are not required to move to the new Curriculum until they move to the next stage of training.

There is only one version of the Regulations – 8th Revision (July 2020).  However, within the Regulations there are paragraphs which apply to specific cohorts of Trainees.

All sections of the Regulations have been updated and the changes come into effect from 8th July 2020.  These changes are relevant to all Trainees (i.e. existing Trainees and new entrants for July 2020) so please review them via this page (please see links below) or via the College Moodle website.