Recruitment to Basic Specialist Training (BST) in Psychiatry

 July 2022 Recruitment – Key Dates

Friday 29th October BST Applications Open
Thursday 2nd December BST Applications Closed
By Friday 7th January All applicants notified of status: shortlisted / not shortlisted for Interview
Thursday 27th & Friday 28th January Interviews via Zoom.
Tuesday 8th February First round offers issued
Thursday 24th February Second round offers issued
Friday 25th February until Mid-March Following the second round of offers, if any further places become available, offers will continue to be made to individual candidates until Mid-March

Eligibility for Basic Specialist Training

  • You must have completed your internship by July of the intake year (Our training programmes all commence on the second Monday of July each year)
  • You must be eligible for inclusion on the Trainee Specialist Division of the Medical Council’s register by July of the intake year and provide evidence of same at the time you apply
  • You must have proof of competency in the English language in line with HSE Specifications.


All applicants applying to Basic Specialist Training (BST) programmes in Ireland will be required to meet the eligibility criteria for BST and must provide the following at the time of application.

  • A scanned / PDF of Medical Council of Ireland Registration Certificate (if applicable).
  • An email from the Medical Council of Ireland attesting eligibility for entry in the Trainee SpecialistDivision of the Medical Register (if applicable).
  • A scanned / PDF of IELTS or OET test results (if applicable).
  • A scanned / PDF transcript of exam results from your Medical School/University must be
  • A scanned / PDF of other degree/diplomas (if applicable).
  • Two scanned / PDF references (with relevant hospital stamp) must be included
  • A scanned colour copy of Passport Identification page (including picture) must be included


Information on the Basic Specialist Training Deaneries and affiliated training centres can be found HERE.


Further information on the application process to Basic Specialist Training in Psychiatry for July 2023 will be available here October 2022.