Faculty / CPsychI Committee Representations:

Faculty / CPsychI Committee Representations

Trainee Committee members attend Faculty/Committee meetings as agreed, to represent the Committee and act as a liaison between the Trainee Committee and all other CPsychI Faculties/Committees and Working Groups.


Council Drs Conlan-Trant, O’Callaghan
Faculty of Adult Psychiatry Drs O’Neill, Tong
Faculty of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Drs O’Neill, Rafferty
Faculty of Forensic Psychiatry Drs Counihan, Tong
Faulty of Psychotherapy Drs Bredin, Wong
Faculty of Learning Disability Drs Broderick, Jordan
Faculty of Liaison Psychiatry Drs Doherty, Patel
Faulty of Social & Rehabilitation Drs De Castro Gomes, Hamill
Faculty of Old Age Psychiatry Drs Crowley, Synnott
Academic Faculty Drs Power, Sidhu
EFPT Dr De Castro Gomes
Refocus Dr De Castro Gomes
PTC Drs Broderick, Casey, Conlan-Trant, Lally, O’Callaghan
Accreditation Sub-Com Drs Casey, O’Callaghan
SCCAARP Drs Casey, O’Callaghan
Courses & ELearning Drs Broderick, Counihan, Lally, Tong
Law Committee Dr Broderick
Human Rights and Ethics Committee Dr Doherty
Forum of Postgraduate Medical Training Bodies Drs Conlan-Trant, Doherty