College of Psychiatrists of Ireland Members Choir

College of Psychiatrists of Ireland Members Choir


Group singing is good for your mental health.

Choral singing has been scientifically proven to lower stress, relieve anxiety and elevate endorphins. It would seem that a lot of you know that already and are members of various choirs or engaged in other musical activities around the country.

The discovery that a group of psychiatrists in Berlin (The Singing Shrinks) claims to be the only such group in the world piqued our interest and we wondered – could College Members sing together to promote the positive impact of belonging to a choir?

Sing Sane – Five Ways To Wellbeing

    1. Connect (with a like-minded group)
    2. Be Active (breath very deeply)
    3. Take Notice (watch for cues, know your role)
    4. Keep Learning (challenge yourself with new material)
    5. Give (entertain others, raise funds for charity)

You can achieve all this by joining a choir and the College of Psychiatrists is offering members an opportunity to do just that.


Performance Music from the Winter Conference 2017

Si njay njay njay – Soprano

Si njay njay njay – Alto

Si njay njay njay – Melody

Si njay njay njay – Full song

Can you hear me? – Soprano

Can you hear me? – Alto

Old Abraham Brown

If you like to join the choir, please email Ms Lauren Doherty on or call 01-661 8450