. DRAFT Recruitment to Higher Specialist Training

Recruitment to Higher Specialist Training in Psychiatry

Applications for Higher Specialist Training in Psychiatry & Related Specialties and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry will open Friday 24th November 2023 and close Friday 12th January 2024. Application requirements are outlined at the links below. Please return in October for further application, shortlisting and interview marking guidance.

Applicants who are completing the College of Psychiatrists of Ireland BST programme in Psychiatry (i.e. those who have received a satisfactory outcome at their BST3 Annual Review of Progress and passed the College’s Clinical Exam) and eligible to streamline, will be asked to provide the following information at the time of application.

  • Two scanned / PDF Candidate Appraisal forms must be uploaded with your application
  • A scanned / PDF of other any degree/diplomas (if applicable).

All other candidates click on the non-streamlining candidate box below for guidance.