Faculty / CPsychI Committee Representations:

Trainee Committee members attend Faculty/Committee meetings as agreed, to represent the Committee and act as a liaison between the Trainee Committee and all other CPsychI Faculties/Committees and Working Groups.


Dr Roisin Plunkett                                          
Faculty of Adult Psychiatry                     Dr Eric Roche, Dr Johanna Murray & Dr Ana Clarke
Faculty of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry                                          
Dr Louisa Kelly           
Faculty of Addictions Psychiatry
Dr Clodagh Power, Dr David Columb & Dr Ana Clarke
Faculty of Forensic Psychiatry Dr Roberta Rowntree, Dr Erica Maguire, Dr David Weir & Dr David Columb
Faculty of Psychotherapy Dr Therese O'Carroll, Dr Roisin McCafferty and Dr Niamh McCarthy
Faculty of Learning Disability Psychiatry Executive
Dr Roberta Rowntree & Dr Catherine Maddock
Faculty of Liaison Psychiatry Dr Cornelia Carey, Dr Richard Duffy, Dr Zetti Azvee & Dr Ana Clarke
Faculty of Social and Rehabilitation Psychiatry Executive Dr Ahmad Iqbal
Faculty of Old Age Psychiatry Dr Clodagh Power. Dr Eimear Doody & Dr Gearoid Moynihan
Academic Faculty Dr Erik Kolshus, Dr Ahmad Iqbal, Dr David Columb, Dr Louisa Kelly & Dr Emam El Higaya
Psychiatric Trainees Committee, Royal College UK Dr Emam El-Higaya & Dr Sean Naughton
European Federation of Psychiatric Trainees (EFPT) Dr Emam El-Higaya, Dr Sean Naughton & Dr Zetti Azvee
External Affairs & Policy Committee Dr Roisin Plunkett, Dr David Weir & Dr Erica Maguire
CPsychI Postgraduate Training Committee (PTC) Drs Roisin Plunkett, Gearoid Moynihan, Ahmad Iqbal, Zetti Azvee, Ruth Murphy & Therese O'Carroll
Accreditation/ Workplace Training Sub-Committee Dr Ahmad Iqbal & Dr Ruth Murphy
Syllabus, Curriculum, Continuous Assessment & ARP Sub-Committee Dr David Columb, Dr Therese O'Carroll & Dr Ana Clarke
Recruitment, Retention & International Affairs Sub-Committee      TBC
Courses & e-Learning Sub-Committee(CeL) Dr David Columb & Dr Louisa Kelly