The European Federation of Psychiatric Trainees (EFPT)

The European Federation of Psychiatric Trainees (EFPT) is an independent Federation of Psychiatric Trainees Associations. The EFPT is officially recognised by the European Board of Psychiatry and European Board of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. The Federation will serve psychiatric trainees in all branches of psychiatry all over Europe.  For further details on EFPT please click here.

24th Annual EFPT Forum 2016

The 24th annual EFPT Forum will take place in Antwerp, Belgium from 2nd - 6th July 2016. For further information on the Forum, please visit the EFPT website by clicking here.

EFPT Exchange Programme

The application period for the EFPT Exchange Programme period of January - July 2016 is now CLOSED.

About EFPT Exchange Programme

This is the opportunity for Psychiatric Trainees to go on exchange throughout Europe. The EFPT wishes to promote and encourage an intercultural professional exchange and cooperation among Psychiatric Trainees across Europe, with a focus on individual experience. The programme was established in 2011 and has been receiving extremely positive feedback from exchange Trainees and Supervisors.

Which countries are offering placements for January - July 2016?

Croatia, Denmark, France, Hungary, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, the Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Sweden, Turkey and the United Kingdom. You can find a list of the participating countries, the name of the local co-ordinator as well as information on the posts available in each country on the EFPT website here.

What about the duration and financial aspects?

Its duration is between 2 and 6 weeks. It is all based on personal engagement and self-funded.

What can I learn?

The Trainee will be able to observe clinics and attend educational meetings and teaching sessions, equivalent to local Trainees at the same level.  The Trainee will experience another mental health care syste, and learn about transcultural Psychiatry. He/she will also be able to meet with professionals of his area of interest and enjoy social and cultural activities.  Some of the programmes offer highly specialised services and training opportunities.

You can view a list of the participating countries, the name of the local co-ordinator, as well as information on the posts available in each country, on the EFPT exchange website at:

You can also read about the experiences of Irish Trainee, Dr Owen O'Sullivan during his recent exchange in France by clicking here. 

How can I take part?

Criteria for application includes a letter of motivation, your CV, language proficiency and seniority in training.  The Trainee will have to prepare a presentation containing information on their own country and training scheme to be presented upon arrival at the host institution.

Upon their return, the Trainee will also be expected to submit a final report on their exchange experience to the EFPT website and to Ms Karen McCourt in the College of Psychiatrists of Ireland. You will be issued with a certificate of participation by EFPT upon completion of a feedback form.


Applications for the next exchange period of August - December 2016 will be advertised in the summer of 2016.  Please check back for further information.