Deanery Liaison Officer Initiative

The Trainee Committee represents the Trainee voice within the College of Psychiatrists of Ireland and aims to improve the standard of training in Psychiatry around the country, and the experience of training itself.  There have been significant changes in training over the past number of years, including, but not limited to, the development of of the training curriculum, the Irish clinical exam, streamlined training and pre-defined rotations.

The Trainee Committee are of the view that it is imperative that Trainees nationally are kept abreast of any changes to training in a timely fashion.  It is understandable that Trainees may have questions about these changes, and need support with these queries external to their Training Centre or Deanery.  The Trainee Committee wish to improve two-way communication between the Committee itself and Trainees nationally and thus have created the Deanery Liaison Officer (DLO) Initiative.

A member of the Trainee Committee will now act as nominated DLO for each of the nine Deaneries of Training in Psychiatry.  Each DLO is named point of contact for Trainees or NCHDs in CPD-SS posts (registered with the College of Psychiatrists of Ireland for PCS) in each Deanery, accessible through the administrator for the Trainee Committee in the College.

Please see below for details of your relevant Trainee Committee Deanery Liaison Officer. Please forward any queries to Ms Karen McCourt at


 Deanery Vice-Dean
TC Deanery Liaison Officer
 NUIG  Prof Colm McDonald
 Dr Ruth Murphy
 NUIG/RCSI  Dr Geraldine McCarthy/Prof Vincent Russell
 Dr Roberta Rowntree BST Rep: Dr Fizna Fysal
 RCSI  Prof David Cotter
Dr Zetti Azvee BST Rep: Dr Shaeraine Raj  

TCD  Dr Gavin Rush
 Dr David Weir
 Dr Paul Scully
 Dr Erica Maguire
 Dr Sinead O'Brien
 Dr Roisin Plunkett
 Dr Angela Noonan
 Dr Sean Naughton
 Prof Mary Clarke
 Dr David Columb/Dr Niamh McCarthy
 UL  Prof David Meagher
 Dr Ana Clarke