This section contains some links to information sheets on particular aspects of professional competence and CPD credits.  We hope you will find them helpful when calculating and logging your credits.

** New Information:

Internal Credits can be claimed for attendance at certain College Faculty and Committee meetings which fit the following criteria:

  1. There must be a clear patient care / patient safety aspect to the meeting
  2. There should be demonstrable pre-meeting preparation and/or post-meeting tasks
  3. The maximum number of credits for Committee meetings allowed per PCS year is 5
  4. 1 credit per meeting attendance
  5. An attendance record must be kept for the meetings
  6. Individual attendees should be provided with a list of the meeting dates and topics each PCS year for their own records

CPD Credit categories - information on each category of CPD.  Issued by CPsychI (March 2013) 

Internal CPD events - Guidance document issued by the Forum of Irish PostGraduate Medical Training Bodies (2012)

External CPD tips - Guidance document.  Issued by CPsychI (Updated February 2015)